Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

This is the basic and the core lab, which introduces a student to the world of electronics equipments. This lab emphasizes on installing in the students, like skills of designing and developing a wide range of electronic circuits using modern testing and measuring instruments like cathode ray oscilloscopes, function generators, digital millimeters, LCR meters etc. Electronics circuits of systems such as rectifiers, fitters, amplifiers, oscillators are analyzed in this laboratory.

Sl. No Faculty Name Designation Qualification
1 Mrs. DILNA K.T Assistant Professor and HOD M.E. ( Applied Electronics )
2 Mrs. HARITHA S Assistant Professor M.E. ( Communication Systems )
3 Mrs. RESHMI BENJAMIN Assistant Professor M.Tech.( Applied Electronics )
4 Miss. AMRUTHA MOHANAN K Assistant Professor M.E. ( Communication Systems )
5 Miss. DHANYA C T Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( VLSI Design )
6 Mr. ABHISHEK Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Signal Processing )
7 Mrs. LAYA NARAYANAN Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Digital Electronics & Communication )
8 Mr. SANJAY P NAMBIAR Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Marine Structures )
9 MRS. SAJINA K K Assistant Professor M.Tech. ( Digital Signal Processing )
10 MISS. ROSEBELL JOHN Assistant Professor M.Tech. (Computer Science Engg.)
11 Mr. MITHULNATH P U Assistant Professor M.Tech. (Industrial Automation & Robotics)
12 Mr. ABIN K TOM Assistant Professor M.E. ( Instrumentation and Process Control )
13 Mr. PRADOSH M V Assistant Professor M.E. ( Advance Electronics and Communication )