KTU Cell

A P J Abdul Kalam University is mainly intending to improve the quality of engineering students. All the activities of the cell in the college are controlled and co-ordinated by the KTU co-ordinator along with the departmental co-ordinators. It has course / class committee, Students Grievance Committee, Internal Audit Committee to improve in their careers.

Club Members

Sl. No Name Designation & Dept.
1 Mr. Anuranj K K (In charge) Asst. Prof. ME
2 Mr. Srilal Asst. Prof. ME
3 Mrs. Haritha S Asst. Prof. ECE
4 Mrs. Shimna P Asst. Prof. CE
5 Mr. Sooraj T Asst. Prof. S & H.
6 Ar.Gargi M Asst.Prof - B.Arch
7 Mrs.Harsha Asst.Prof - EEE