Department of Science And Humanities

The department of Sciences and humanities has emerged as a department pursuing excellence. The department has a team of highly-qualified and well-experienced faculty members. All faculty members are experts in some of the emerging fields of English, Mathematics and Physical sciences and have made significant contributions in their own fields. The aim of the department is to broadly educate aspiring engineering students in the basics of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & English which serve as a platform for the growth of students in their further study of Technical subjects.



Engineering physics laboratory is well equipped with all sophisticated, modern & advanced instruments for conducting lab experiments in various important areas of physics like optics, mechanics, electronics, electricity and magnetism. All the experiments have been planned in cycles so that the student can perform experiments independently. Engineering Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines whose applications form the basis of many technological advancements known to us. The laboratory of Engineering Physics brings the student into contact with activity in several technical subjects like Optics, mechanics, circuit analysis, electronic devices and circuits, electromagnetic fields etc., which drives the students to the technical areas.


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