Women Empowerment Cell

Empowering women in India is very necessary to bring gender equality. Women empowerment is the vital tool for advancing development in the country. It also would help in reducing poverty by improving health, productivity within families as well as providing better chance to next generation. Equalizing the rights of women and men in the society improves work quality and thus economic status of nation.

Faculty Members

Sl. No Name Designation & Dept.
1 Mrs. GREESHMA B NAIR (In charge) Asst. Prof.
2 Mrs. Reshmi Benjamin Asst. Prof. ECE
3 Miss. Anu George Asst. Prof. CE
4 Miss. Ranjitha P V Asst. Prof. EEE
5 Mrs. Rashmi Ravindran Asst. Prof. ME
6 Test Test

Students Members

Sl. No Name Branch & Sem.
1 Miss. Nimisha K S6 EE
2 Miss. Anchu Balan S8 EE
3 Miss. Nipuna Raveendran S8 EE
4 Miss. Priyanka K S4 EE
5 Miss. Nikhitha S5 ECE
6 Miss. Neha A Ram Nair S6 ECE
7 Miss. Arya E V S4 ECE
8 Miss. Sangraha S3 CE
9 Miss. Reshma Radhakrishnan S8 CE
10 Miss.Drishya A Prakash T S4 CE
11 Miss. Adheena T P S4 ARC