NBA (National Board of Accreditation)

NBA (National Board of Accreditation) is an accrediting agency at the national level responsible for overseeing the growth and quality of technical Education in the country. NBA conducts evaluation of programs of technical institution on the basis of laid down norms. CET- Payyanur has formed the following committee to review the departmental activities according to the norms and to make the institution fit for the external review to become an NBA accredited institution in coming years.


Sl. No Name Designation & Dept.
1 Mrs. Haritha S Asst. Prof. ECE
2 Mrs.Haritha V P Asst. Prof. CE
3 Mrs. Shimna P Asst. Prof. CE
4 Mr. Anuranj K K Asst. Prof. ME
5 Mr. Sooraj T Asst. Prof. S&H Dept
6 Mr.Sijo Joseph Asst. Prof. S&H Dept