College Code - CEN

Electronics & Communication Engineering Lab

Electronics & Communication Engineering Lab

Electronic Circuit Lab

This is the basic and the core lab, which introduces a student to the world of electronics equipments. This lab emphasizes on installing in the students, like skills of designing and developing a wide range of electronic circuits using modem testing and measuring instruments like cathode ray oscilloscopes, function generators, digital multi meters, LCR meters etc. Electronics circuits of systems such as rectifiers, fitters, amplifiers, oscillators are analyzed in this laboratory.

Communication Engineering Lab

This laboratories introduces students to the field of communication engineering with sophisticated instruments like AF / RF generators, higher bandwidth oscilloscopes, frequency counters etc. The communication engineering laboratory deals with experiments in analog and digital communication. The students are introduced to different types of modulation techniques like AM and FM.A series of experiments are carried out in this laboratory, which include TDM, ASK, PSK, PAM, PPM and PLL.

Digital Electronics Lab

In the digital electronics laboratory, the students are led to the interesting world of digital IC circuits. It facilities an in-depth analysis of sequential and combinational type of digital electronic circuits. This include circuits with flip flops, counters, shift registers, sequence generators, code converters etc.

Microprocessor Lab

This laboratory introduces the students to microprocessors, microcontrollers and assembly language programming. Various experiments with 8086 microprocessor and 8051 microcontroller, interfacing them with stepper motor, ADC, DAC etc. are carried out in laboratory. It also has the facility to train the students with macro assembler (MASM / TASM).

Microwave Lab

The microwave laboratory gives the students an exposure to the microwave equipment and components. Experiments such as VSWR measurement and determination of Klystron characteristics give the students a hand-on experiment on microwave systems.

Software Lab

Software laboratory aims at developing the programming skills of students with emphasis on technical computing and simulation software like MAT LAB, VHDL, PSPICE etc. This laboratory is equipped with PCs and accessories like. printers, scanners, LCD projectors etc. it also offers interment facilities of the students and staff of the department for acquainting them with latest technological trends and developments

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